Where Can I get Cash For Gold in Mississauga?

Where Can I get Cash For Gold in Mississauga?

Valencia Jewellery, since 1987, has been buying Gold for Cash with a 30 day buy back option.

The Cooksville and Mississauga region has relied heavily on the Valencia Jewellery cash for gold services. When banks deny requests for loans, Valencia Jewellery is right there to give you small-large cash quantities for your gold. 

Cash for Gold is a very useful tool option to have in your city, as it allows those whom keep savings in the form of gold to immediately attain cash for their assets. 

With our 30 day buy back option, that gold is still attainable after Valencia Jewellery has bought it. We only ask you pay a small holding fee.  

As 2018, 2019 and 2020 Top Choice Award Winners, our business has reputability and a long standing tradition that should be trusted over any other business.


We hope to do business with you all soon.

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