Luis Heriberto Valencia

Luis Heriberto Valencia...Honest, proud, full of integrity, respectful, classy. 

This is the head of the Valencia family and the man who introduced the rest of us to the jewellery game.

Over 60 years ago, Luis, growing up in a rural town in Antioquia, Colombia recognized the usefulness of owning gold. But not only owning gold, but knowing how to work with it and repair it. 

He used his skills to help bring himself from these rural towns to the urban regions of Medellin. From there, he gained experience and fame for his ability to negotiate gold with people from all over Medellin. 

With his family in mind, he decided to move his business to Canada, where he gave the opportunities to his children, namely Alvaro Valencia and Oscar Valencia, to start what would be the beginnings of Valencia Jewellery.

It takes a special man to move vertically through what many would say is an impossible world to ascend. However, he instills that respect, towards everyone and all walks of life, have guided him to where him and his family are today.

No longer working everyday, as he is now 91, Luis occasionally comes into the store to make sure his affairs and pieces of jewellery are straight. 

Our logo, our brand is a reflection of Luis Heriberto Valencia. The real life Dandy...