Jewelry Repair Near Me in Mississauga

Jeweler Using a File to Fix Jewelry at a work bench

Best Jewelry Repair Service Near Me in Mississauga?

On this page, we will be covering all aspects of jewelry repairs offered at Valencia Jewellery, including different information about our experience in the field along with the process that goes into each specific jewelry repair service. Then, you can be the judge of  'if  Valencia Jewellery is the best jewelry repair service near me.'




In this blog we will be covering all aspects of jewelry repairs offered at Valencia Jewellery, including different information about our experience in the field along with the process that goes into each specific repair and the pricing.

Valencia Jewellery has been offering jewelry repair services for over 35 years.

Our team of jewelers have led the way for Mississauga and Cooksville when it comes to jewelry repairs. 

Read our Google reviews (bottom of the page) and you will find that our customers are overwhelmingly left with a positive experience when dealing with Valencia Jewellery for their jewelry repairs. 

Oscar along with the Owner, Alvaro Valencia, graduated from George Browns storied jewellery program over 30 years ago. With this knowledge they oversee all projects to ensure quality and satisfaction with all repairs. 

Close Up Photo of Jewelery Repair at Valencia Jewellery

Original Photo of Oscar Valencia's Work Bench at Valencia Jewellery

The Dandy Guarantee

Our logo is the representation of the businesses philosophy of integrity, attention to detail and above all respect to our customer and their fine jewelry.

Valencia Jewellery Logo. The Dandy

Jewelry Repair Services Near You

Valencia Jewellery offers a variety of jewelry repair services near you if you live in Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Etobicoke, Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area

Ring Repairs

 We offer ring repairs on all types of precious metal. Depending on the extent of the damage we offer same day repairs on your rings.

Ring Resizing

We do resizing on all types of gold, silver and platinum rings. All wedding bands, engagement rings and other rings with diamonds in the shank are also accepted. Oscar our expert Jeweler has all the experience to take on any complex resizing.

Often we offer same day services for ring resizing if the ring is not too complex. 


How to Measure Ring Size at Home

A very simple way of measuring ring resizing at home is to take a simple string, cut it long enough that it will wrap around your finger then measure it with a ruler. Then use the measuring chart below to figure out your ring size!

At Home Ring Sizing Chart

If you were to come into our jewellery store, a series of tools specific to the industry would be used to accurately assess your ring size... The above format is for estimation purposes when you have no other option.

Gold and Silver Chain Repairs

We offer same day repairs on Gold and Silver Chain repairs.

We fix clasps and locks that have broken or fallen off, add safety chains to your necklace or bracelet and solder any breaks on the chain that may have resulted from getting caught on something or being pulled off. Chain lengthening and shortening is a common request for people who are looking for a change. 



Watch Repairs

Valencia Jewellery can do anything with watches from band replacements to cleanings, battery replacements and movement repairs. For complex watch repairs, we work with the best horologists in the greater Toronto area to make sure your watch is fixed at the best possible value. 

Diamond and Precious Stone Setting and Resetting

Has your diamond or precious stone/s fallen out of your jewelry? Leaving it looking worn down? We will help to reset the precious stone that has fallen out, and if you have lost the stone, we will source the stone and set it for you at the best value in Mississauga.

Retipping Claws

Do your claws holding in your diamond/s or precious stone on your jewelry look worn down? We can help to restore them back to their former glory. This also prevents the stone from falling out of the ring at any moment!

Jewelry Repair Mississauga where we do Retipping of claws

Retipping the claws on an old piece of jewellery

Best Jeweler Near Me?

If you are looking for the best jewelers in the greater Toronto area, look no further than Valencia Jewellery. Lets introduce our in-house jewelers... 

Oscar Valencia

Oscar is Valencia Jewellery's lead jeweler. He has built up experience over 30 years since he graduated from George Browns jewellery program (Toronto's premiere post secondary jewellery program)

He is sought after in the GTA for his professionalism, demeanor and second to none abilities to repair all precious metal jewelry. 

Oscar oversees all jewelry repair and custom projects coming out of the shop.

Manager and lead Jeweler Oscar Valencia
Oscar Valencia, Manager and Lead Jeweler 






Hope to serve you soon!
Jewelry Repair Team at Valencia Jewellery
 The Team at Valencia Jewellery (Oscar, Heriberto, Alvaro  and Enderson  Valencia; Left to right)


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    Your piece on jewelry repair in Mississauga was really helpful. Thank you for the detailed breakdown of the various repair services and their associated charges, as well as the advice on how to find a trustworthy jeweler. I liked that you emphasized the significance of open lines of communication between the jeweler and the buyer. Anyone in the Mississauga area in need of jewelry repair or restoration will benefit greatly from the information you’ve provided here. Your insight is much appreciated.

  • Danny

    I have 10 kt gold ring that needs To be soldered. How much would it cost and how long would it take. Thank You

  • Liz

    Need to get my husband’s ring resized, to make it smaller, need it sized to a 10, currently 11, how much would it be?

  • Liz

    I need to put a clasp on my bracelet, how much would it be?

  • Garry G Kainth

    Hi there I bought a ring size too short for my girlfriend it’s a simple channel diamond setup and a 14K gold ring. the ring size that I bought was a 5 and she says shes a 6 to a 7

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