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Valencia Jewellery

Its a hit or miss at every corner when looking for people to trust. Its a matter of life that keeps us looking for the next best thing, the next loyal partner, the next trustworthy brand. 
Its been 60 years since Luis Heriberto Valencia acquired his first grams of gold from river miners in Antioquia, Colombia. 60 years since the Valencia family’s collective knowledge of precious metals and stones began. 
It was with these grams of gold that Luis began his journey to maintaining a family of 10 children, from which rose Alvaro and Oscar Valencia, his two youngest sons, whom began learning the trade of the buy and sell world in their teens.
In an era where war and corruption was at every corner, it was honor, integrity and trust that kept the Valencia family safe, in an uneasy industry during this volatile time in Colombia. 
Luis Heriberto was recognized as Itagui's business man, Itagui's real life Dandy. 
It was in the 80's where Luis decided to bring his entire family to Canada, for a life filled with promise. 
In 1987, Valencia Jewellery was opened in a boutique close to Bloor and Bathurst in the heart of downtown Toronto. Oscar and Alvaro Valencia both worked and educated themselves in the art of casting and custom jewellery. 
In 1994, Valencia Jewellery moved to Cooksville, Ontario in the heart of Mississauga, a new and thriving city on the outskirts of Toronto. We've been here serving Cooksville ever since.

When you come into Valencia Jewellery, it does not matter to us where you come from, how much money or lack of you have; we are going to treat you with respect, dignity and candidness. That's the Valencia way. 

Let us be your doorway into the wild and exciting world of Jewellery. A place where gold flows out of the workshops like water, to dress the skin of almost everyone you know and love. 

This website contains a unique 30 year collection of fine jewelry. Each piece is carefully inspected and restored to a state that will leave you wondering how you acquired such a beautiful piece at such an un-common value. 
Take a stroll through our world of jewellery. Jewels attained through hard work and honesty.

We hope to do business with you soon.