Valencia Jewellery represents Independent Jewelry

Valencia Jewellery represents Independent Jewelry

Independent Jewelry/Jewellery

  • A jewellery company who is separate from an already well established mega consortium such as Peoples, Tiffany and Co., Pandora etc. 

The interesting thing about independent jewelry is that it is an idea of solidarity and a representation of creativity.

  • Often, when companies begin to reach a high level of success, said companies decide to run with what has been working for them
  • With that being said, that company begins to milk the udder of their past creativity, when they were once independent jewelry stores,and build upon their well set paradigm.
  • The sad thing about this, however, is that the explosive and innocently innovative ideas that once dwelled in them disappears and the rest of their ventures hinges on a derivative of that innocent innovation.

Valencia Jewellery represents independent jewelry, even though it is a long standing well established company. This is because Valencia Jewellery has yet to explode into the stratosphere similar to other jewellery mecas (Rolex, Peoples etc.)

  • As such, we still venture off into the darkness, the wilderness, looking for a new way to express ourselves through jewellery.
  • The pieces that leave our store, whether we make it custom or sold to you as a refurbished piece, is a representation of what we believe to be worth while making or making available. A true manifestation of what we believe jewelry and beautiful jewelry to be.
  • Therefore Valencia Jewellery represents independent jewelry, not only in Mississauga but around the world.


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