Looking for Jewelry stores in Mississauga?

Looking for Jewelry stores in Mississauga?

Look no Further Than Valencia Jewellery.

  • Deemed the best jewellery retailer in Mississauga for the past three years (2018, 2019 and 2020) by the incredibly reputable Top Choice Awards.

  • One of  the few Hispanic/Latino jewelry stores in Mississauga

Often Customers think to themselves:

Who is selling jewellery/jewelry near me?

  • Valencia Jewellery is your Answer!

Where are there places that buy jewellery?

  • Valencia Jewellery located at 3038 Hurontario Street Unit 8!

Where are there gold and jewelry repairs near me?

  • Valencia Jewellery!

 Valencia Jewellery jewelry store offers: 

  • Jewellery repair shop, jewellery repair service, ring repairs, necklace repairs, jewellery resizing

  • Online Jewelry, online jewelry store

  • Spanish Jewelry

  • Jewellery & Watches

  • A place to sell your jewellery/ a place that buys your jewellery 

  • All Sorts of Jewellery findings

  • Cash for jewellery near you

It is Mississaugas one stop shop for jewellery, where you can walk in and solve all your jewellery needs. Established in 1987, Valencia Jewellery has over 30 years experience as jewelers and will give you the best and most honest price on any of your jewellery needs.

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